Getting Started in Sustainability

An interactive online course with practical resources and exercises that will help you develop your sustainability mission statement, set goals, measure your impact, set targets and communicate your performance.


Sustainability mission

Visioning and brainstorming exercises to help you develop a sustainability strategy which makes sense for your company and is aligned to your purpose and values.

Goal setting

Your sustainability goals will answer the question ‘how do we get there?’ They are designed to work towards your mission by addressing the issues you have identified as key priorities for your business.

Measuring your impact

Measuring your impact is key to how you communicate your performance to your stakeholders both internally and externally. This training will help you identify your key environmental indicators and then how to measure and report on them. 

Carbon accounting & offsetting

Carbon accounting and carbon offsetting explained in layman terms. Learn the basics so you are able to talk confidently on the topic and have the knowledge to read a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory report. If you have aims to be carbon neutral, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are in for!

Stakeholder communications & reporting frameworks

Good communication is at the heart of successful strategy implementation, enabling you to ensure that you have addressed the needs of your stakeholders, and that you achieve recognition for your strategy by reporting its outcome in an effective way. Understand the different reporting frameworks to help you identify what might be suitable for your company.

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No one person, company or nation is going to solve our environmental challenges alone. We need revolutionaries. We need leaders. We need followers. We need you.


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